Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Didn't Fall Off the Face of the Earth!!!!

I have been away from my posing for quite some time. Here is the scoop, been busy with the yard, in one week helped a friend with graduation, a trip to Fargo, 300 miles, Grand Forks 150 miles, two baby showers, one wedding shower, a trip to the dentist, church and played the cello, entertained company at my house in addition to the cooking, cleaning and laundry. It is tiring. I must say that I am doing my Christmas exchange, and my camera also died!!!!!! Sorry all! I will try and borrow one and put something on here soon.

I was working on a small wallhanging and it is awful! IT is stretching and looks absolutely awful. If any of you have any suggetions please let me know! I am still walking for those of you who are interested. It really makes a difference on how good I feel afterwards.

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