Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Went Swimming This Week!!!!

I swam for an hour this week,it was great exercise and lots of fun. The pool was very warm, and there weren't many people there to view me!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt good in the middle of a North Dakota winter to jump in!!!!!

Got My Quilt Pattern Today, February 28

Here are some really cute quilt ideas shown on I ordered the pattern shown on her site for the flower quilt and I got it today, all of the way from Australia in less then 5 days. Kelli was really great in sending the pattern to me very quickly, and she also is sending me a list of fabrics that she has used. I recommend ordering or looking at her blogsite. She is wonderful! Great ideas for some inspiration. I got out some fabric to get started on my secret pals'quilt, but as usual don't have all of the right things. Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beth Moore Bible Study!

I am currently leading a women's Bible study by Beth Moore. If you are looking for a great place to start to really learn and know your Bible, this is a great place to hook up with some Christian women and really delve in and learn about what God has planned for your life!!!! I can't recommend it highly enough. This is the fourth one I have either led or attended. Great!!!!!!!! I would practically like to invite all of you here to ND to stay with me for the 10 weeks to complete the Bible study and to quilt on your off time. LOL LOL

Adult Sunday School- Don't Stop Learning!!!!!!!!

I am currently teaching Sunday School. We began Romans just after Christmas. It has so much great information. Last Sunday we talked about judging others, and this week we will review many of the covenants God made with Abraham in Genesis. Adult Sunday School is the best!!!!! I have learned so much from teaching. The pastor must ask the one who needs to learn the most to teach, because I sure do learn!!!! There are 9 women in our class and we have the best time with each other. We attend a small church of Methodists and Presbyterians!!!!!!!

Heinrich and Valentine Quilt

I was going to put my Valentine's Day quilt away today, but decided to take a picture of it with the dog. This was a fun project to do too. It went so fast that I made 5 of them and gave them to my friends for Valentine's Day. It seems like everyone of all ages likes it. I need to put away a few other things too, the feather tree in the background too!!! Oh well.
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I just hung this wall hanging up the other day. It is one my sister did for me and was stored away in a plastic tote. Since she has died, and it is just over a year, I wanted to get it bound and hung. This is called tussilating leaves and is quite easy to do. We used this diamond fabric only as a test pattern so we didn't have to waste any good fabric. Both of us hated to throw it away, so we kept on going and finished it. I like the one she did for herself better with a more muted background, but this is just fine.
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I have been busy trying to figure out an item for my swap partner, so far nothing in mind. I guess I will have to go and visit here site to see what she would already have. I tend to pick out things that are a bit contemporary. I think I will make a pillow for her. I have got some really cute fabrics already in my stash, and also about 5 yards of some really nice neutral fabric. This will be fun. I also have a thing going for red and white polka dots now.

Getting Ready for Easter!

Easter is fast approaching and I am hard at it practicing for Good Friday and the Easter services. I am working on "Were You There", "Christ Arose", and "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today! The girls and I, a.k.a. the Violettes are busy getting ready to play for Music in the Park in June. Right now Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog, sounds really fun as does Orange Blossom Special!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Project!!!!

I am getting ready to do a project for my exchange!!!!! I have a tendancy to like bright spring colors, so this will be lots of fun. I saw a really great quilt blog that all of you would love!!!! However, before I start that project, here are more items done by the Finnish designer. She has some great things. I will post what I get done tomorrow morning. There are two blogs that I just love!!! One is and the other is tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot. They have wonderful designs and great ideas. Take a look and see what you think!!!!!!!

The image is again from Syko, she gave me permission to use it. I would like to adapt this for a spring project.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heinrich, My Best Pal!!!!

This is the real reason I don't get anything done. I am always busy dinkering around with my pal, Heinrich. We go for drives in the afternoon, walks in the neighborhood, and have afternoon naps together. Spoiled or what?????

Good Recipes

Looking for a good idea for lunch or dinner? The women who do their blogsite, have some great recipes. I made these rolls today, they taste as good as mine!!!!!! Is it no wonder that I get no sewing done, I am either cooking, doing laundry, or getting groceries!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute Idea!!!!

I love the small pincushion. I saw it in a pincushion challenge and saw it on Flickr. It would be quite easy to make, I have wool that will work great for the stuffing. The cake plate came from a site in Finland. Her name is Syko, she gave me permission to use the photo. I will add more information on her website tomorrow.

Entering Spring Swap

I saw some of the ideas that were posted on our organizer's blog. they were so cute I could hardly sstand it. I am going to start getting busy tomorrow and doing my sewing, I would aslo like to start a heart like the one with the applique of flowers. I absolutely love the small lady bug on the bottom of the heart!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Blog Sites

I wanted to tell you that I ran across a very interesting blogsite the other day, that I just love. It is called Tallgrass Prairie Studio. There are some great looking quilts there many having a contemporary feeling. The one that I especially like is made of houses. It is used as a table topper. The site has a copyright or I would add the picture. I will write and ask permission to do so. Another site is by a Finnish woman who has fantastic ideas. One that I particularly like is of a cake on a pedastool. I have written to her and asked permission to include it here too. Fingers crossed that she will allow me to.

This is my first post since a year ago. What have I done in the quilting world? Nothing. I have been too busy practicing my cello, piano, and leading Bible Study and Sunday School. Today, I signed up for a quilt exchange, so that means I need to get in gear and get going!

It has been really icy here in the Dakotas. Lots of warnings and no travel advisories since Monday! It is a good time to sit at home and sew!