Monday, September 28, 2009

My Walking World





These are pics of Icelandic State Park. The park is located 6 miles from our home, so I have been going out there to walk with my dog each day. Weight loss is a real pain in the butt~ it is easier to think of walking to better your health and get fit. Walking over three miles a day is so much easier with a nice place like this to go. Heinrich roams free and I listen to my Ipod or the birds or whatever. There are many short trails or loops like this,and three main places to go , so lots of variety in choosing your path . There are inclines too, making some courses a little tougher than other.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally, A New Post

I saw this fabric while looking and drooling at new fabrics. IT is $55.00 a yard. I just about wet my pants!!!!!! I just love it and can imagine it in a lot of really cute things, but it will just have to stay on the shelf, I cannot afford it at or am willing to pay for it.

After a few days at Maple Lake, guess what came? Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric!!!! Yipee. and I have a line on a bunch of scraps that I am buying too. It will be fun to make something different for the quilt show next spring/ summer. I will post that fabric too in a bit.