Friday, January 8, 2010

Jackie's post from Tallgrass Prairie Studio!

Isn't this the most wonderful and romantic post from Jackie? It is written so well, you can almost feel like you were there.'

Go over and read it, I don't want to copy it and get into trouble with her. It is wonderful. Oh, to be so romantic!!!!!!

Pattern Book

This is the book that has the pattern for the purse. Does this look like the same purse? I think it is really ugly on the front of the book. Really ugly. I wouldn't have given this a second look, but I love the black bag. I got a note on my blog from someone saying she would be willing to help me. How kind!!!! It will be a great project. If she lets me know how to proceed, I will send the name of the blogsite where I originally saw it and possible yarns I am going to use. I also had a wonderful note from the owner of a shop on Ebay who also gave me great help. I plan to order my yard from her, she was so helpful. You can really meet some nice people on your blogsites!!!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking Today

It is -20 below here in North Dakota this morning!!! I didn't feel like going walking this morning, I was so warm and snug in my bed with the new flannel sheets. The big Christmas ball lights were still strung on our metal bed posts,on and shining in the dark. But, my desire to get fit and thin was so much more than the pleasure of my bed, I rousted Heinrich and pulled on my sweathirt, pants, and such and got the car warming to head for the church gym to walk. It turned out to be a 45 minute walk, I put on my Ipod and tuned in a download I had of Beth Moore, which was on the Desires of Your Heart, from Psalms 37. It was inspiring to say the least.

Iwent to a party last night with 12 other women, it was lots of fun.We drove through visibility so bad you prayed you wouldn't go in the ditch or get stuck in a big drift. The gathering was short, we were home at 8:00 and it was better outside. The best thing about it, I didn't over eat. The hostess told me that there would be lots of food, so please go lightly on supper, which I did. There were lots of cold warm up drinks, cider, wine, etc. but I asked for Diet Pepsi. YEA. I had a small piece of veggie pizza, a dill pickle, and other low calorie things to fill up my plate instead of the fattenning cranberry desert with buttersauce. I didn't miss it at all. Small steps, planning ahead, one day at a time, wearing the new sweater that is one size smaller all help in the attitude. Think like you are a thin person!!!!!!!!! Think like you have already achieved your goal of thinness. It makes a difference. Note the dress, I want to wear this dress this spring!!!I will wear this dress this spring.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year!

Happy New Year!!! Here is a project that I would like to get started on. It came from a blogsite and I just love it. After a lot of searching on the internet, I finally found the pattern. Guess what! IT is in Japanese and I am not a good crocheter in the first place, so hopefully the person who did this will help me out a little. I need to figure out the crochet hook size for beginners and try and locate some yarn. Remember, I love out in the boon docks, and one does not just hop or drive over to the yarn shop in the middle of the afternoon. It is a great looking bag, I want to own it and make it!!!!!! Isn't it cute? If any of you want one, I will let you know more about it.

I LOST A WHOLE SIZE! Yes, finally this walking and dieting is paying off. My stomach feels so much smaller now, and I have lots more energy to get moving. I did something that I should have done long ago. I bought 2 outfits in my current size, got my hair highlighted, and have started sprucing myself up while dieting, AT MY CURRECT WEIGHT! Make yourselves feel better now, don't wait to loose weight to feel better about yourself and then plan to go buy new things. The improvement in having done something for yourself seems to spur you on to continue on your weight loss or general health improving status.

I lost 45 pounds at an earlier time. I BELIEVE the key to loosing weight starts in your head. Really I do. I used to get up and think, "I am going to act like I was thin, eat like I am thin, and start looking at clothes that make me feel good. I always used to slump into the I am fat, I can't do that, I look awful, Why bother? I am fat. It seemed that because I was fat, I didn't deserve a life, to have good things happen to me, or have fun!!!! That is the wrong way to think. Your thought life has a large part to play in how you lead your life, and what you get out of life. In fact, I read that in the Bible the other day. I believe the verse comes from Proverbs23:7 For as he thinketh in his heat, so is he.