Friday, July 24, 2009

A Great Week!!!

This has been a great week! Many of you will wonder how I can possibly say that after all that has happenend in our household. But it truly has. People are so kind and always willing to go the extra mile for you. For instance, I went to the quilt show in Canada, and forgot my camera. Lori Hiebert volunteered to take photos for me, after I made up a list for her, and is going to send them to me to put on the blog. I took back some strawberry pails for the people at the local bank and guess what, Frieda, gifted me a large pail of the most beautiful strawberries you have ever seen!!!!! Then DH did the dishes for me and cleaned up the house and went to Music in the Park. WE had a nice time listening to the music, it was a gorgeous evening. Another friend brought over two meals, delicious, with another drop of fresh cherries later one evening. My swap partner sent me a gorgeous package, more fabric came in the mail, and my friends called from the library and gave me first chance on the new Quilt magazines to check out. The painting arrived and was to me a great treasure, I will love it forever!!!!Friends are driving me places and I am visiting with so many people and getting calls of encouragement daily.
Most of all, I am so happy not to have a cast, surgery, or lots of pain or have had a head injury or been severely hurt from my fall. God was watching out for me. I also hit DH vehicle while backing out of the garage, he laughed. Can you believe it? He didn't get mad!!!!!
Life is good. Deb from New Zealand ( has sent me some lovely notes and shared patterns with me . If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry, you are all the best!!!!

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad you are still able to look on the bright side! It is lovely to hear that your friends and family are taking good care of you. Love your new painting:)