Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Blog Sites

I wanted to tell you that I ran across a very interesting blogsite the other day, that I just love. It is called Tallgrass Prairie Studio. There are some great looking quilts there many having a contemporary feeling. The one that I especially like is made of houses. It is used as a table topper. The site has a copyright or I would add the picture. I will write and ask permission to do so. Another site is by a Finnish woman who has fantastic ideas. One that I particularly like is of a cake on a pedastool. I have written to her and asked permission to include it here too. Fingers crossed that she will allow me to.

This is my first post since a year ago. What have I done in the quilting world? Nothing. I have been too busy practicing my cello, piano, and leading Bible Study and Sunday School. Today, I signed up for a quilt exchange, so that means I need to get in gear and get going!

It has been really icy here in the Dakotas. Lots of warnings and no travel advisories since Monday! It is a good time to sit at home and sew!

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