Friday, March 7, 2008

Laugh, This is Going to Be Us in Few Years!!!!!


Hanne said...

Hello from Norway. I could not reach you by email - you are coming through on my blog as a non replyable commenter.
I am sorry, I can not help you with Telemark patterns, as it is my mother in law who has embroidered the National Costumes, and the pattern comes preprinted on wool.
One thing that comes to mind is books with old paint patterns from the area, also known as rosemaling ( rose painting )You can also look for books on the National costumes, known as bunad.
Have you contacted -
It is the local bunad expert on Telemark. I am sure they can help you :-)
Good luck !

Leanne said...

Hi Barb, You need to change your settings on your blog so that we can reply to your comments have it set to no reply.
The pattern you asked about is by an Australian designer called Christine Book and is called "Stitchers Friends".
I am not sure if it is still available as I have had the pattern for a long time.