Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Project!!!!

I am getting ready to do a project for my exchange!!!!! I have a tendancy to like bright spring colors, so this will be lots of fun. I saw a really great quilt blog that all of you would love!!!! However, before I start that project, here are more items done by the Finnish designer. She has some great things. I will post what I get done tomorrow morning. There are two blogs that I just love!!! One is and the other is tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot. They have wonderful designs and great ideas. Take a look and see what you think!!!!!!!

The image is again from Syko, she gave me permission to use it. I would like to adapt this for a spring project.


Erin said...

Hey Barb - I would love your recipes! I love collecting and trying out new recipes, and the ones you mentioned sound fabulous!
Erin (The Sisters Cafe)

Erin said...

hey Barb, my email is Can't wait!