Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking Today

It is -20 below here in North Dakota this morning!!! I didn't feel like going walking this morning, I was so warm and snug in my bed with the new flannel sheets. The big Christmas ball lights were still strung on our metal bed posts,on and shining in the dark. But, my desire to get fit and thin was so much more than the pleasure of my bed, I rousted Heinrich and pulled on my sweathirt, pants, and such and got the car warming to head for the church gym to walk. It turned out to be a 45 minute walk, I put on my Ipod and tuned in a download I had of Beth Moore, which was on the Desires of Your Heart, from Psalms 37. It was inspiring to say the least.

Iwent to a party last night with 12 other women, it was lots of fun.We drove through visibility so bad you prayed you wouldn't go in the ditch or get stuck in a big drift. The gathering was short, we were home at 8:00 and it was better outside. The best thing about it, I didn't over eat. The hostess told me that there would be lots of food, so please go lightly on supper, which I did. There were lots of cold warm up drinks, cider, wine, etc. but I asked for Diet Pepsi. YEA. I had a small piece of veggie pizza, a dill pickle, and other low calorie things to fill up my plate instead of the fattenning cranberry desert with buttersauce. I didn't miss it at all. Small steps, planning ahead, one day at a time, wearing the new sweater that is one size smaller all help in the attitude. Think like you are a thin person!!!!!!!!! Think like you have already achieved your goal of thinness. It makes a difference. Note the dress, I want to wear this dress this spring!!!I will wear this dress this spring.

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